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ready to go! WeUseCoins : If you want a highly technical answer for the question, check out both the. Users need to create a platform account and create a merchant profile. Add following code to the head of your website. script Paste this code into your website where you want the bitcoinate button to be displayed. Coinbase and, bitPay ). . Bitcoins are worth a certain amount of money, can be used in many places to buy and sell things, and can be traded in for US Dollars, Euros or other forms of currency at an ever-changing exchange rate. An increasing number of people and businesses are using Bitcoins (see the story, here, about a car dealer in San Francisco that recently started bitcoin core testnet accepting Bitcoin for payment). Setting up a Bitcoin donation page / capability shouldnt take long (an hour or less for your web team, in my estimation) so, should you accept Bitcoin donations? .

Major media outlets are covering the growth of Bitcoin (see a story in the Washington Post here there are a lot of Bitcoins out there, and lots of people and businesses are starting to use them for real-life transactions. We have looked at some of the options and how they compare to one another. They can then turn on the instant-exchange feature to convert funds to US Dollars. Popular bitcoin exchange, coinbase has also been working on ways to let charities accept bitcoin donations. Right now, accepting or not-accepting Bitcoin donations is not likely to be a make-or-break decision for you. .

Both also make it easy to accept Bitcoin donations and immediately convert them to US Dollars, Euros or any other currency, which can then be handled as you handle other donations. If you have a tech-savvy donor base, you can also consider sending out a blast e-mail to your list letting them know that you now accept Bitcoin donations for your non-profit. It is a good solution for people who want to receive bitcoin transactions, but not keep their funds in cryptocurrency. Individuals and companies all over the world have been looking at different ways to accept bitcoin donations. This latter option is quite interesting for organizations who want to design their own template, so to speak. Server time : 22-Mar-2019 01:30:34. Could it be easier? Bitcoin is a little like gold. .

Bitcoin URI, opens your bitcoin client with the specified fields already filled out. Together we can achieve more. Bitcoin Payment Processing, powerful, Stable Server, secure Payment Processing. To be more specific, BitPay provides users with donation buttons as one would expect or a hosted donation page. How Do We Get Started Accepting Bitcoin Donations? The company even developed a set of nonprofit tools anyone can incorporate into any website with relative ease. It will only work in a few browser - operating-system - bitcoin-client combinations.). If you share your feedback or simply let your friends know youre inspired by this website.

Should Your Non-Profit Accept Bitcoin for Donations?

receive free bitcoin donations