forex exit strategy

you learn how to make the EOW-5 price targets whenever four sections are complete. If the S P has made a five-wave bear trend, at least a three-section corrective rally should follow, if not a new bull trend to a new high. The high was bitcoin dollar price live right in the zone of the.6 retracement and 100 APP.

Stops were never adjusted at a fixed and arbitrary amount from the current market price. Others were just chart screen captures with comments right on the chart. You will learn just one key guideline to identify if a market is in a trend forex business online or correction, and just three patterns to help identify trend and correction position. Are there other time factors that may narrow a relatively broad time zone to pinpoint the probable time target for a corrective high or low? The S P may not be completing a five-wave trend from the October 11 high (see the daily chart).