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fully customisable user interface. Mean Reversion, forex, systems. Stop losses are placed above market sell orders and below market buy orders. With basket trading, it is possible to: Predefine order sets, then execute them all at once using a single click Open positions on several assets at the same time Save sets of orders that have been arranged and customised in the basket to be accessed. Low monthly fees for data and news. These versions are as follows: Protrader desktop and web trader, algoStudio. As the saying goes, markets range 70-80 of the time. Pricing that is free of conflict of interest. You can create as many workspaces as desired and click on each to switch from one workspace preference to another. Personalise colours, fonts, data displays and charts, then save your preferences.

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We have buy limit and sell limit orders. Limit Order Limit orders are used to buy or sell in the market at predefined price levels which will attract less future cost to the trader. It is possible to close positions, reverse positions, and cancel orders using the CLX button. Protrader Change Preferences Create Multiple Workspaces Create and save the trading environment just as you like. If you answered yes to these questions, or if you feel stressed having to come up with numerous trade decisions in a day, then trend-following mechanical systems may be the right entry/exit method for you. By using special buttons with customisable pips increments, this process reduces the time it takes to set your order prices, enabling you to respond quicker to trading opportunities. On the other hand, if you think you have the discipline to stick to your plan even when price action goes against you, you may want to try out a long-term mean reversion system. Also, there can be many distractions and obstacles that cause psychological stress for a trader, such as the media and other traders. Among the huge list of features are multi-asset trading, market analysis, developing and running of algorithmic strategies, risk management, etc. Protrader Market Depth Basket Trading Users can save certain order characteristics into a basket and call them up whenever they are needed. Here is what you can customise.

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