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will be moved 2 pips above/below the open price. License information Personal license works on an unlimited Real MT4 accounts and unlimited Demo MT4 accounts on a single computer/VPS. A handy one-click trading feature would be a great help for anyone who does any type of currency trading in MT4. You can set the EA to open trades at the specified price when you sleep or while youre busy living your life. Simply you just do not set SL/TP values and no one will see. Play Video Stop Reverse Trading The Stop and Reverse trading mode built-in. Broker will not know about it and you can manually close the trade whenever you want. VIP license works on an unlimited number of any Real/Demo MT4 accounts on max 5 computers/VPS at the same time. It means you may install the software on your desktop and notebook computers, but use it only on one computer at the same time. Trade settings are preset in the EA inputs and a trade will already be placed with invisible stops and a magic number. EA will activate Trailing Stop function for trades only when they go in profit by pips value set in TrailStopStartPips.

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ManageMagicNumber-1 which means the EA will manage the trades of any magic number including manually opened trades and trades opened by any EA (trading robot or script). The Stealth EA has the ability to hide your real stop loss and profit limit from the brokers so they cannot take this action or at least not take it at the right time. For example, if real SL is 50 pips and TP is 100 pips the hidden SL will be 40 pips and hidden TP will be 80 pips. You can adjust that size too. Think of a hidden stop loss like a backup stop loss. Play Video 1-Click trading using keyboard hot-keys You can use special keyboard hot-keys like ALT2 and ALT3 to open the trades fast. ManageOnlyCurrentPairtrue and your desired SL/TP values. Just create regular MT4 horizontal lines on the chart and set the proper description in the properties window. Hiding, stop, loss values on trades copied from another account. Basically, you would have to constantly monitor these trades to manually close yourself if they become too risky for you. Just double-click the horizontal line that represents the hidden stop loss or take profit, and drag it to any position you want. Play Video Close lines Allows you to place vertical lines that can be treated as close trade commands.