what is happening to bitcoin cash

I am all in to fight till death! The expectation is 2014 prices. Accordingly, during the time of the pause, you will not be able to sell or remove your BCH from Coinbase. Cryptocurrencies have been operating in a bear trend during the last months, and the sentiment was very negative. Bitcoin Private was a fork of Bitcoin and ZClassic. At the same time, when Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin, the second one also experienced an important price increase the previous weeks. As explained before, investors are trying to store as many BCH as possible to receive more coins from the new forked coin. Do you guys think it's going to slow down?

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I dont think they are ready in case people start messing with the Bitcoin ABC chain. After Coinbase made its announcement, a well-known cryptocurrency investor, WhalePanda said. My ethers are taking so much damages. The only people who can spend those coins are those that have the private key. The reaction is: So much for decentralization Where one buy bitcoins with debit card no verification usa man dictates price. Not at all like past BCH hard forks, this time there is a competing proposal that is in conflict with the published roadmap.

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