why doesn't bitcoin crash

that seems to show bitcoin has support at around 3,550. Who are these people? Confirmation times took days and it cost up to 50 to make a bitcoin transaction. Anyone with more than 100,000 in the bank had a percentage of their funds frozen or turned into shares of the failing bank. The amount of pain suffered will depend on what point people entered the market. It doesnt require the knowledge of an MBA to answer this one. Gox was hacked with 744,000 BTC stolen (worth 350 million).

Bitcoin ile kosztuje teraz, About bitcoin cash,

As Chepicap previously reported, the price of the number one cryptocurrency received a big blow today, dropping a staggering 10 during Thursdays trading session. Ethereum gained traction as a platform for new crypto projects. The worlds biggest crypto exchange at the time,. It wasnt until April 2013 (almost two years after the high) that it hit 30 again. Lets take a quick look back through history. The bitcoin price didnt climb back to 1,000 until early 2017, three years after the previous high.

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