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come out during the European session. Its no wonder that it is considered the forex capital of the world with thousands of businessmen making transactions every single minute. Because of the volume of transactions that take place, there is so much liquidity during the European session that almost any pair can be traded. Also, the session range for EUR/CHF has not been included since the Swiss franc has been pegged to the euro.2000 during the period. Are you new to trading forex? Next up, we have the New York session, a jungle where dreams are made. Historically, London has always been at a center of trade, thanks to its strategic location.

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Here's an introduction to the foreign exchange market. Hey, isnt that an Alicia Keys song? Kindergarten, learn the basics on how to choose a forex broker and analyze the currency markets. This leads to high liquidity and potentially lower transaction costs,.e., lower pip spreads. Below is a table of the London session pip ranges of the major currency pairs. Learn how to gauge whether the market is bullish or bearish, how to trade during news releases and how to potentially make money without price moving. Of course, it may be best to stick with the majors (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, and USD/CHF as these normally have the tightest spreads. Wish there was a way to keep track of lessons you've completed? If you've always wanted to learn to trade but have no idea where to begin, then this course is for you. The beginner's guide to technical analysis.

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