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ethereum is the representative of the second generation of cryptocurrency, and for years, it was the second largest coin by market cap. However, one of the biggest questions regarding these two coins still remains: Which one is better? Today, we are going to discuss the worlds two biggest cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin and Ethereum. In a way, both of them are number one, Bitcoin is only bigger in terms of value and market cap.

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As mentioned in the opening paragraph, Bitcoin is actually being upstaged in terms of percentage price gains, and the Ethereum price action is mimicking Bitcoins prodigious ascent five years ago. . Interested in buying cryptos? Nakamoto published Bitcoins white paper on October 31st, 2008, and has presented it as a way for the people to take back the power which banks and other financial institutions are misusing. This bitcoin daily news is a huge advantage for Ethereums case as a currency, since Bitcoins appeal to the masses could be shunted by the low supply. It is possible that both coins will be replaced by younger, more advanced currencies at some point. Bitcoins all-time high was over 20,000 per coin, while ETHs highest price was at around 1,400. Due to its nature, it can prevent things like fraud, censorship, or downtime. As a result, Indian start-up. Bitcoin has its share of catalysts as well, but these tend to be more macro-focused as the currency matures. All of them are struggling to attract attention, develop their technology just a bit better and faster than the opposition, and establish dominance in the crypto market. With Ethereums much faster transaction speeds, higher data handling feature, larger currency float, and widespread corporate adoption, ETH has its own appeal. (Source: Kraken Investment Case Study, The Economist.

The truth about the relationship between Ethereum as well as Bitcoin is complicated to say the least.
Bitcoin vs ethereum reddit.
Eth vs btc chart.