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Bitrated : The site offers the buyer protection and a trusted marketplace. I will probably get lot of insulting replies for posting this truth,which my guess 90 is that it will be from the owner of this site ron stoooop - October 12, 2017. Crypto Tip If you enjoyed this article, and you found the content valuable. You can boost your crypto karma and share your generosity: Dash : Litecoin : Ethereum : Bitshares : Chesatochi75 Please follow and like us: Spread the love Tags: altcoins, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, escrow. Money Return Policy Some escrow company returns your whole money if your deal was not successful and some not. Really this activity free forex robot is what you are investing your time in?

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Bitcoin for a transaction. The platforms decision is final and is based on the users prior reviews, sales etc. The Escrow -creator also gets to manually set the number of days; until which if the item isnt received the funds hoe kan ik snel geld verdienen kind are sent back to the buyer. The destination address where the BTC should be sent after a successful trade. If, after mediation, the parties did not reach an agreement, Bitspend will decide the fate of funds based on proof submitted by both parties.

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