how to make a litecoin mining rig

your smartphone or computer. Installing Power Supply on PC Case (20:45) This is straight-forward, install your Power supply on your PC Case. (Also you do need to sign up for a Litecoin Pool and setup a Litecoin Wallet. Apply some thermal paste, nice thin layer will do, dont go overboard like I am doing here. Update 1: A Software Guide To, mining, with Windows is now live, update 2: I've recently switched my mining hardware. Power Supply: Corsair 1200W 80 plus Platinum With three Radeon R9 290s under the hood of our mining rig, don't even think about skimping here. GPU-mineable, and, litecoin is one of them.

2 Monitor your system hardware. You can probably go with Seasonic 850W if you are going to use Radeon 7950, 7970, or R9 280X but just make sure you get enough power otherwise your new litecoin machine will bootloop. All this machine needs to do is run Windows (or Linux) and execute a couple command-line-based pieces of software. This chart from m illustrates the rise in difficulty over the last 10 days, but that alone shouldn't be a barrier to entry: Litecoin Difficulty Changes: 10 Day Window Build 1: The Entry Level Miner Your first choice is an entry level system designed for. Community Q A Search Add New Question Question Can I mine Litecoins on a Chromebook?

You'll get far less reward than if you finished the block on your own, but have much higher chances of actually seeing results. Try to avoid running any other programs while the computer is mining. If one symbol in the string is changed, the hash will become unrecognizable. This is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies and is still not hard to mine. You can purchase these online, or you can try building your own, though this requires a fair amount more work than building a standard desktop computer. You can download the Wallet program from Or you can leave a comment and Ill do my best to lend an assist. I should have a full tutorial forex pivot points daily on this also real soon so check back!) In my initial run, I was able to quickly get around 770Kh/s on each card for total.2Mh/s. Gigabyte, Sapphire and, mSI. Alternatively, try MSI Z77A GD-65 with Intel Celeron G1620. The worker will typically be named "username_1" or "username.1". You can also use a USB Flash drive if you want to run bootable Linux, but we will get onto that another time.

Litecoin mining rigs running at home.
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Bat file to start mining.
Once your miner is configured and connected to your pool, you can begin the mining process.
The command prompt window will display the results of your mining as it happens, such as the rate you are mining at and how much you ve accomplished.