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question if I filed my gains or losses through Box B(short term under Scheduled. I have some losses and I would like to to know how do I file these losses on turbo tax. . OTC are grouped separately, the investor can pick either a 1256 or 988 contract. Imagine you're explaining something to a trusted friend, using simple, everyday language. Be clear and state the answer right up front. Gian platform will do everything for you, all you have to do is enjoy the process and receive dividends.

An advantage of Section 988 treatment is that any amount of ordinary income can be deducted as a loss, where only 3,000 in capital gains losses can be deducted. We do that with the style and format of our responses. No matter what your questions are with respect to any investment.

Go Long: Blue candle bar closes above FGF_35SMA high line (you will receive alert fGF_burdys and FGF_fburd indicators draw blue bar. People come to TurboTax AnswerXchange for help and answerswe want to let them know that we're here to listen and share our knowledge. Report the gains/losses in this way: Federal taxes - Wages income - I'll choose what I work on - Less common income - Misc income 1099-A 1099-C - Other reportable income. You can call him any time and he will answer every question you could ever have without trying to sell you. Forex, gain, formula was designed based on the most powerful trading methods such as trend-following and trading waves. #1-I would like to clarify if its proper for me to continue to file these gains/losses under schedule D since I was never sent a 1099-b form, rather a printout from the website? Hope this is helpful to you.