how to sell bitcoin fast

specified. Can I buy coins from you? What if the exchange rate changes while you're waiting for my payment to arrive? Binance, Bitfinex, etc.) due to their delayed transaction processing. Alternatively, you may start a buy bitcoin with gift card EUR purchase through our ad on the Localbitcoins platform. How can I cancel my transaction? You can use your internet or mobile banking application to send us the EUR. If you are going to exchange coins, check your addresses and other details before taking any action. We're unable to offer financial, legal or tax advice related to transactions to your personal bank account.

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We can send and receive EUR bank transfers to and from bank accounts in countries that are part of sepa. Please clearly state the name of the owner of the paying bank account, and attach a screenshot of your internet banking payment order, a PDF payment statement or any other proof of transfer. Please always use your own dedicated wallet app to send coin transactions to our addresses, which will precisely send the exact amount we agreed upon. And based in Zagreb, Croatia. That rate hasn't changed.

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how to sell bitcoin fast

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