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history from before the fork. CoinTelegraph has done an interesting price analysis, and their top 10 are Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tron, Stellar, Binance Coin, and Bitcoin. Thanks for the feedback There was a problem submitting your feedback. Bitcoin Cash, and thus a more distributed network. On the day of the fork, every BTC bitcoin cash transaktion verfolgen address suddenly had a twin existing on the BCH network. Two opposing parties existed - One group was composed mainly of a large group of Bitcoin miners, and the other was made up of the majority of the Bitcoin user community, and Bitcoin's core developers. However, it is imperative to understand that Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now two entirely separate currencies.

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Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash "forked" in 2017 and this caused long-lasting effects. Whether you decide to use Bitcoin Cash or not is entirely up to you. As of this writing, Bitcoin has been trading in the mid three thousand dollar range and Bitcoin Cash has been trading at just over the 100 price point, way down from a high of more than 1700 in May of 2018. It is possible to rescue funds if you have accidentally sent BTC to a BCH address, or vice-versa. How can I use Bitcoin Cash? As far as deciding which cryptocurrencies are the best to invest in, a quick search online will reveal that a lot of sites have their own opinions, but no one prognose bitcoin cash 2019 has a crystal ball. The miners wanted to allow larger blocks of 8 MB and subsequently 32 MB in size, and they support Bitcoin Cash. For the practical intents and purposes of most users, there is very little difference. Bitcoin Cash is the chain supported by the miners who wanted larger blocks, and the regular Bitcoin chain is the one supported by the core developers. This means that any user who held Bitcoin at the time of the fork (August 1st, 2017 now has an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash on the forked Bitcoin Cash blockchain. The ticker symbol for Bitcoin Cash is BCH (although on some exchanges the symbol is BCH to avoid conflict with already existing tokens on that platform). Basically, theres not a lot of difference between the two cryptocurrencies, but they are now entirely separate and not interchangeable.

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