how to claim all bitcoin forks

the option of forking Bitcoin and just getting the attention a new currency needs. If you want access to your forked asset right away, and if you want to ensure you get it no matter what, it is almost always best be in control of your private keys. Please understand that claiming these forked coins for your free money can be risky as it involves chances that one might expose their private keys or seed keys to fraudulence. If the coin doesnt have replay protection, it could result in you losing any Bitcoin still in that wallet. See detailed examples of each method : How To Claim Your Free Bitcoin Gold BTG From Any Wallet and How To Safely and Easily Claim Bitcoin Gold Almost Any Other Forks. That said, if you want to ensure you get each fork, you must be in control of your private keys.

An example of a reported scam is Bitcoin Platinum. Follow us at Bullion Asset Management (Xgold) to stay updated on Fractionalised, Digitized, Physical Gold on Blockchain here. This means youll need to make a copy the private key that you used for the wallet in which you stored Bitcoin during the snapshot (make sure to move your funds first). However, sometimes selling a forked asset on the initial pump is a good move. Step 3 Once the Chain is Live You Can Claim Your Coins If You Are In Control of Your Private Keys; Otherwise, More Waiting If you are in control of your private keys : Once the devs announce that the new forked chain is live.

If replay protection has not been implemented, you need to protect yourself from coins being replayed after the fork. A Bitcoin address that received bitcoin value after the fork wont receive any fork-coins. Replay protection : In a fork, development teams need to implement replay protection. You need to move all your funds not just your ETH. Also, do share your thoughts and questions in the comment section below. Check the official site and/or Twitter of the exchange/platform honoring the fork to understand your requirements. With Ethereum-like coins, forked coins will almost always be airdropped to an existing wallet and there will be no need to download a new wallet and import your private keys (instead youll configure an existing wallet to show a new token). These futures arent the same sort of futures product as the Bitcoin futures traded on the traditional stock markets. Warning : If you are going to claim coins from a fork, move your Bitcoin balance to another address first (so be in for the snapshot, but then move you balance before you claim the forked coin). BitPie Bither: BitPie Bither are two Bitcoin wallets that allow for claiming several fork coins.

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