bitcoin prediction 2019 january

the previous report, Ethereum does seem to be leading the market. However, these formations may occasionally show a false breakout to trap people. As long price lives below 3850, the symmetrical triangle is still in play Eric Krown Break of the symmatrical triangle pointing to 3250 range The 200 MA's The 200 Moving Average is typically a strong level that draws in a lot of attention.

Interestingly enough, the rejected 21 EMA lined up with 3700. A 200 move to the downside this time. Bitcoin now has strong support and resistance on fundamental level at 3000 6000 respectively. Tron Analysis, tRX longforecast bitcoin 2019 Weekly Chart Source: m, it is almost one week since the rapid price rises took place across the cryptocurrency market. Eric Crown agrees with the likelihood of Ethereum forming a reversal H S pattern as well, stating: Correct shape Correct Volume characteristics Correct Price Action characteristics. If we see data that indicates a certain behaviour, then we may conclude that there are signs of a bottoming. We do not have the break of the neckline yet. So what happens if we do get the neckline break?

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