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trader recently spoke about the brutal bear market currently engulfing all of the crypto-ecosystem. The bear market, he said, continues. Home, tone Vays: Bitcoin Bullrun in 2019 wird Altcoins übertreffen.

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Referring to his earlier prediction, Vays said that there is a high probability that Bitcoin could stoop lower than 4,000 which he referred to as his higher low. Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen. People are really, really scared, Vays continued, noting investors seemed concerned about going long in cryptocurrency. Bei der Anlage ist Ihr Kapital in Gefahr. Just like his price targets, Vays said that he had time targets for Bitcoin which extended from late October, all the way to the end of summer next year. Morgan, erklärte, dass die Baisse des Jahres 2018 deutlich anders ist, als im Jahr 20: Ich denke, das größte Ereignis für 2018 muss der sinkende Preis von Bitcoin sein, nicht nur für Bitcoin, sondern für den gesamten Krypto-Space. In the cnbc interview, Tone Vays said that he had predicted Bitcoin bottoming below the 5,000 range in mid-January. Der Trader, früher bei.P. Twitter, facebook, related Topics: Bear market, bitcoin, reddit bitcoin politics bTC news, tone Vays.

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