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majof flaw of PPP theory is that it assumes goods can be traded easily without regard to variables such as tariffs,"s, taxes, shipping etc. Ideally if their current exchange rate (X/Y) is 1:2, it should become 2:2. These are some factors disturbing PPP analysis: The traded goods are not perfectly homogeneous. Since they are only published once a year, does it mean that these dont change throughout the year? Relative Purchasing Power Parity, the difference in the rate of change in prices at home and abroad - the difference in the inflation rates - is equal to the percentage depreciation or appreciation of the exchange rate. The Big Mac was chosen because it is available in around the world McDonald franchise restaurants. In this post I want to cover one of the factors that enters into the creation of the benchmark index outlined. The "basket of goods" in the case of Big Mac Index is considered to be a single Big Mac burger sold at McDonald franchise restaurants.

These numbers get published at the start of every calendar year. Oecd PPP Reports and the Big Mac index. Oecd (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) uses PPP to issue several economic reports. Note that all values are"d with the USD as base currency (so for instance usdeur rather than eurusd By taking the ratio of the PPP rate versus the market exchange rate we obtain the Real Exchange Rate (RER which should equal to one. Market as Warren Buffett likes saying. The Economist and is called, big Mac Index. Dollar by approximately.

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